Water Utilities Information System for EWURA

In 2011 DEN Consult migrated the information system of EWURA (Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority) to a web-based interface, making it more accessible for its users. The core system was developed by DEN Consult earlier in 2006. The satisfying results lead to denconsult being the preferred choice of vendor for EWURA.

Now with the new interface, 21 local and regional water authorities can upload their data for processing anywhere with a web browser. The data can be processed quickly and indicator reports can be produced without delays. Earlier with a system based on paper documents or Excel spreadsheets it could take months or even years to produce these reports. Better insights in water consumption has lead to a reduction of 75% of unaccounted usage in some regions.

denconsult received this assignment following a tender process facilitated by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and was awarded based on the approach, timeline and estimated costs.

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