Discover the best business administration tool in Tanzania
Denico provides a wide range of business administration tools from Accounting Software to Payroll solutions and from inventory management tools to Point of Sales (POS) software.
Accounting Software

Accounting Software

Top Accounting software solution for Businesses
Budgeting, Departmental analysis, and VAT reconciliation are just some of the many features that you get with the best accounting software in Tanzania.

It’s more than simple accounting, it gives your organization full control of the financial side. You also get important reports such as the Trial Balance, income statement and more!
POS & Sales Software

POS & Sales Software

The Complete POS system in Tanzania
Denico POS is made to be used in different scenarios; in supermarkets, wholesale outlets and restaurants to name a few.

By using this module you get control of the sales side of your business. Keep track of all your debtors and payments via a full debtor administration system

What makes this module unique is that it can be integrated with other peripheral devices like cash registers, TRA ESD devices, and EFD devices to name a few.
Salaries & HR Software

Salaries & HR Software

Best HR solution for Your Business
The module provides a complete HR solution for any business. Employee, payroll, and loan management are just a part of the overall package. The software produces all necessary reports in the formats accepted by the relevant authorities.

The HR module is designed with the East African market in mind. It’s flexbile and can be adapted to suit your organization’s needs. It’s the complete HR solution for your business.

Payroll, employee and loan management are just some of the features you’ll receive with this package. All reports are also tailored to meet the formats required by the relevant authorities.
Inventory & Stock Software

Inventory & Stock

No.1 Inventory Management Software for Complete stock control
Have complete control over your stock using the best inventory management software in Tanzania. This module works best for businesses that need control over the movement of their stocks.

The system allows you to generate all relevant documentation such as GRN, SRIN and more. It can also accommodate all necessary details and parameters that will help track down an item as per cost – and project center.
Salaries & HR Software

Asset Control Software

Top Asset Management Solution in Tanzania
This module offers your business the flexibility to control and manage all your assets. Get full control over your assets using the asset control program.

Track your asset value over time using the module. Plenty of features to help with asset management. You can allow for depreciation and check the maintenance schedule budget against actual expenditure and many more.


Our team of international programmers develop all our own ‘out-of-the-box’ DENICO software packages in house in Dar es Salaam; so we know we can provide you with the DenConsult solution to suite your company needs.

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